Conversation Questions

Conversation Questions

5th semester exam

1. Have you ever read or heard an interview in English? Who was being interviewed? What are the questions you would ask when interviewing someone?

2. What is “speed-dating”? Why do people now resort to this kind of social activity? What is your attitude to this phenomenon? Why?

3. What does your signature says about you? What other types of signatures and their meanings can you mention? Do you personally believe that handwriting can tell a lot about people’s personalities?

4. What is a psychic? Do the psychics actually tell the fortune? Do you believe in fortune-telling? Why?

5. Did Conversation Questions you ever have to give the first aid to someone? How? How would you a) stop a nosebleed, b) help a person in shock, c) rescue someone from choking?

6. What is considered to be a “good” kind of stress? What examples form your real everyday life could you relate to “good stress”?

7. What do you know about passwords? What are the main three types of them? What can you say about your password?

8. Dwell on the national stereotypes. What stereotypes do you know? Do you think that they are truthful and accurate?

9. How do British people dress Conversation Questions? Are they eccentric? If so, in what way? Can you compare the way they dress with the way how Ukrainians usually dress?

10. What are some of the unpleasant experiences that people might have at the airports? Have you ever flown anywhere? How was it?

11. Retell the text about the hysterical flight attendant. How would you act if you were on that flight? And if you were a flight attendant?

12. What is the extract of the text ‘Little Brothertm’ about? Would you like to have such a toy?

13. Retell the text ‘It was only a small mistake, but it changed my life Conversation Questions’. Have you ever had a mistake like that?

14. Retell the text ‘How I conquered my fear of flying? Do you have a fear of flying? What other fears do you have?

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